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Contact Information:

Saviano's White Tiger Kenpo
823 S. Route 53
Addison Illinois  60101
Phone: (630) 495-1711
Fax: (630) 495-1758

Internet Special

Now you can sign up for one year and get an extra month free or sign up for our 6 week introductory course. Please print and bring in our coupon to get this deal.
White Tiger Coupon

Our Training Programs

Our system's base is Kenpo that also introduces aspects of Southern/Northern Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese/Okinawan Karate, and other aspects of Martial Arts that covers all ranges of self defense. We offer various programs to suit your needs. From adults to children, each program is tailored for the individual. Please contact us for more details.



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We offer various programs to suit your needs. From adults to children, each program is tailored for the individual.


The adult program includes the full White Tiger system. Please contact us for more details. Make sure you print and bring the coupon for and bring it in with you.

Junior and Teen

The White Tiger Junior Tiger and Teen programs have been developed with the students’ well being in mind, NOT the school’s. Several of our students began their training with us as Junior Tigers, developed as Teen students and are currently training as young adults. The White Tiger Youth Program stresses patience, perseverance, self-respect and respect for others. Young students are encouraged to bring their report cards into the school to show their academic skills to their karate instructors. Several instructors always staff our classes. Each has been trained in the White Tiger System and knows first hand exactly what is expected of each student.

Tai Chi

The Tai Chi program is designed for health and relaxation. Even the western medical world is starting to admit the benefits of Tai Chi. The program is an 8 week session. For more details on schedule and pricing, please contact us.

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