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Saviano's White Tiger Kenpo
823 S. Route 53
Addison Illinois  60101
Phone: (630) 495-1711
Fax: (630) 495-1758

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Our Training Programs

Our system's base is Kenpo that also introduces aspects of Southern/Northern Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese/Okinawan Karate, and other aspects of Martial Arts that covers all ranges of self defense. We offer various programs to suit your needs. From adults to children, each program is tailored for the individual. Please contact us for more details.



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Child Safety Story - A lesson for parents and children

Article Quote - Shannon could hear the footsteps behind her as she walked toward home. The thought of being followed made her heart beat faster.  "You're being silly," she told herself, "no one is following you.....

Tribute to GM John McSweeney - Learn about his life.

Article Quote - ...the United States Navy called John to active duty. Besides his training schedule during boot camp, he did quite a bit of boxing as well as his strengthening exercises on his own. After boot camp, he was assigned to gunnery school. He became an expert at tracer firing with a 20mm cannon...

Celebs - A little insight into what is a celebrity.

Article Quote - ...A true celebrity is known for an accomplishment that is unusual. A great entertainer, athlete or actor is considered to be a celebrity. The title cannot be given to oneself but must be awarded to them by their peers or followers...

Summer in the Air - Take a lesson from mother nature.

Article Quote - ...Maybe each of us could take a lesson from Mother Nature, take a good look at ourselves and make a decision to throw away our old bad habits and pick up some newer, better habits...

Pankration 2004 - A look at the martial history.

Article Quote - ...Pankration has been traced back as far as 1700 BC and was first entered into the Olympic Games in 648 BC. The art was first introduced into Asia by Alexander The Great during his conquest of India in 325 BC...

Salute to Greece - Reflection on the contributions that apply even today.

Article Quote - Looking back on the history of Greece, one cannot help but be awestruck over not only the accomplishments but also the contributions that this ancient society has given the world....