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Contact Information:

Saviano's White Tiger Kenpo
823 S. Route 53
Addison Illinois  60101
Phone: (630) 495-1711
Fax: (630) 495-1758

Internet Special

Now you can sign up for one year and get an extra month free or sign up for our 6 week introductory course. Please print and bring in our coupon to get this deal.
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Our Training Programs

Our system's base is Kenpo that also introduces aspects of Southern/Northern Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese/Okinawan Karate, and other aspects of Martial Arts that covers all ranges of self defense. We offer various programs to suit your needs. From adults to children, each program is tailored for the individual. Please contact us for more details.



Home \ About Us \ Black Belt List

Black Belts Promoted by Tom Saviano

This is a list of black belts promoted by Tom Saviano. Please note that some may have a different rank in other systems or may not be active. This is just a complete list of those promoted to black belt in the White Tiger System. Those in bold type are considered still active.

7th Black

Steve Rigitano

6th Black

Ray Long Zoran Sevic Tony Schiro

5th Black

Chris Heneghan    

4th Black

Mike Nevins Michelle O'Keefe Tom Downing

3rd Black

Anthony LaPorte Scott DeMatteis Mike LaCalamita
Mike Roberson Steve Cochran Keith Hackney
Rick Hanneman John Smith Mike Odeh
Tim Houston Bill Moy Jimmy Durkin
Michael Underdown Jacqui Moody Rob Syvertsen

2nd Black

John Willis Derek DeMatteis Albert Panzeca
Jeff Poczatek Larry Briley Chris Saviano
Franco Defrancesco Trish Charatin Bob Simone
John Chic Greg Kmoch Anthony Markas
Andy Jones    

1st Black

Eddie Boik John Batiste William Combs
Joshua Hobday Chris Long Kelli Dakis
Jacqui LePine Brian Firth Dale Voney
Quentin Lott Pete Levenberg Jason Gunsteen
Tommy Fantauzzo Molly Foley Kevin Houston
Rick Skrypek Conan Bustos Rick Munaretto
Dan Smith Fred Toppel Kevin Arias
John Schwenk Oksana Sevic Benson Bautista
Troy Siwert    

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